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Olympic Oath

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An Olympic oath in fourteen points regulates the Games since 338 BC. The 10th point concerns the case of cheating that are numerous and severely punished.


* I: Be subject Hellenic free nor slave, nor metic.
* II: Be neither habitual criminal, or morally questionable.
* III: Register in advance at one-month internship in the gymnasium on Ellis.
* IV: Any latecomer will standout.
* V: Prohibition married women from attending games or showing up in the Altis pain of being hurled from the rock of Typaion.
* VI: During the exercises, the teachers (coaches) athletes will be parked and naked.
* VII: Defense to kill his opponent or try to kill him.
* VIII: Defense to push beyond the limits.
* IX: Defense intimidating.
* X: Corruption of arbitrator or opponent will be punished by whipping.
* XI: Any competitor who cons will not attend the designated opponent will be declared the winner.
* XII: Defense competitors to demonstrate against the public or against the judges.
* XIII: Any competitor dissatisfied with a decision may appeal to the Senate against the referees: they will be punished or rescinded their decision if found wrong.
* XIV: Will disqualify any member of the College of Judges.


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