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Olympic Education in India

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Getting the youthful generation into the field of Olympic sports games is one of the IOC main concern. To get into the field of sports, IOC has developed the Youth Olympic Games & an (OVEP) Olympic Values Education Programme, which was at the heart of the first ever national workshop hosted few weeks back in Delhi by (IOA) the Indian Olympic Association, under IOC. The IOC President officially launched OVEP Programme in India by Jacques Rogge at the time of Commonwealth Youth Games held at Pune on October 2008.
Sport: An instrument for Education

Nationwide delegates from various Indian states & union territories were introduced to the IOC values-based enlightening educational resource, the ‘Teaching Values: an Olympic Education Toolkit’, by means of the key to focus on how to use the manual efficiently in the classroom. This toolkit developed in order to assist coaches, educators & youth group leaders to educate the instructive values of the Olympic Movement.

The instructive values of the Olympic:-

* Joy of effort
* Fair play,
* Respect for others,
* Pursuit of excellence
* Balance between body,
* Will and mind
* Opportunities for dialogue
* Self-reflection,
* Background information & instructional methods for liberation of the different types of topical areas to endorse these values is the keystone of the workshop.

Reaching 20% of the population

Randhir Singh, the IOA Secretary General and IOC member highlight that the Olympic Values Education Programme would be embedded as part of the actions of the Indian National Club Games, which will be aiming 800,000 clubs around the country. It is estimated that 20% of the population will be touched & exposed to OVEP during its roll-out.


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